Life Members

Terry Allan
Phil Bowen
Andrew Bull
Harold Conroy
Scott Costain
Max Delaney
Bob Dhu
David Dickinson
Peter Eirth
Frank Gavin
Jason Harrod
Glen Jones
Gary Kershaw
John MacDonald
John Meillon
Simon Mitchell
Garry Nelson
Jim Nelson
Ted Nelson
Michael Notley
Alan Riddell
Ben Scarf
Kane Stavens
Steve Si
Neil Smith
Loch Van Den Berg
Alan Webb

3 thoughts on “Life Members

  1. So surprised at the professionalism of your website and happy to see my name as a live member as well as Gary Nelson. It brings back a lot of memories of the team I played with back in the 70s or 80s. In particular the A Grade team that I played in that was last after the first round but went on to win every game thereafter outright to win the premiership. That was a team of unbelievable talent whose players would not have been out of their depth in Sydney grade cricket. I no longer live in Sydney having moved to Grafton some 14 years ago but I often wonder about what my former team mates . Wishing the club continuing success.

  2. It’s nice to see that the club is performing so well and I would like to congratulate all that who performed during the past season. However it is a shame that we as present life members are not contacted or invited to any venues that the club now participates in . I would like to advise the current committee of the passing of Mr David Roper last Saturday 9th May. As a current life member and a past player and committeeman I feel the current committee has let myself and fellow members and players down. During my 13 to 15 years of playing I feel this to be most disappointing of not being kept informed

  3. As my brother and I are Life Members of this club we would like to advise the passing Mr David Roper a fellow player from the past who was part of the 1970’s season with this club who suddenly passed away on May 9th As Life Members of this club we both feel it would be nice in the future if somebody from the club committee could let one of us know as to what events is coming up and how the club is actually performing. If one of your committee would like to take the time out and actually contact me personally I am quite happy to discuss with them all of my knowledge of the Cammeray History.

    Garry Nelson
    Life Member
    Contact Details 0416271321

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