The David Dickinson Most Improved Award

This award is to act as an encouragement to all players to continuously develop and hone their skills from season to season. The award will be given at the committee’s discretion, but is based on the NSCA player points table. The winner will be chosen only from players who have played at least 10 games in each of the current and preceding seasons and whose percentile improvement between the seasons is the greatest.

David “Dicko” Dickinson began playing for the club in the 1975-76 season. His playing career was interrupted by a spell of umpiring in the Sydney Grade competition, yet played in over 120 games spread across nearly 30 years. Dicko served on the committee in various roles culminating in holding the office of Club President from 1982 to 1993. He remains an active supporter of the club.

2003-04 Mark Ridley
2004-05 Grant Ferrier
2005-06 David Leiboff
2006-07 Shaun Rutherford
2007-08 Tim Wall
2008-09 Andy Porter
2009-10 Aditya Maini
2010-11 Greg Paulli
2011-12 Dave Scotter
2012-13 Apender Gupta
2013-14 Vikas Pandey
2014-15 Andrew Martin
2015-16 Luke Garratt
2016-17 Raj Chakravarty
2017-18 Ivan Tatkovic

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