The John Bowtell Award

This is awarded at the discretion of the President as an award for playing excellence.

In selecting the recipient, the following criteria shall apply:

  • The player must be such that anyone would be proud to play with him
  • That he did honour to himself and the club
  • That he achieved a degree of excellence as a player
  • That the player must have displayed a fighting quality

The guidelines used for this are:

  • Career achievements
  • Outstanding season’s performance
  • Distinction at a representative level
  • Exceptional individual performance

John had an interrupted career with the club, but none the less was an integral part of some of the Club’s most notable successes, such as dismissing teams for 19 and 17. John was also a member of Cammeray’s 1985/86 premiership winning side. He was a wholehearted member of the Club who served on the committee and on several occasions capatined a C Grade side. John loved cricket and life, and tackled both with a gusto that is remembered by all who knew him. John on many occasions opened the batting, opened the bowling and also sometimes kept wicket.

1987-88 Neil Smith
1988-89 Craig Wilson
1989-90 David Webb
1990-91 Simon Taufel
1991-92 Loch Van den Berg
1992-93 John Meillon
1993-94 Jason Harrod
1994-95 Shane White
1995-96 Simon Mitchell
1996-97 Neil Smith
1997-98 Andy Bull
1998-99 Simon Mitchell
1999-2000 Matt McLeod
2000-01 Andrew Howard
2001-02 Michael Vos
2002-03 Dugald Braithwaite
2003-04 Greg Lambert
2004-05 Ben Scarf
2005-06 Michael Glenton
2006-07 Kane Stavens
2007-08 David Leiboff
2008-09 Andy Porter
2009-10 Kane Stavens
2010-11 Dugald Braithwaite
2011-12 Phil Cook
2012-13 Jason Stonestreet
2013-14 Alec Draffin
2014-15 Wade Ridley
2015-16 James Dainton
2016-17 Raj Chakravarty
2017-18 Kevin Johnson

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