The Phil Bowen Clubman of the Year

This award is decided by the Committee and team captains (upon the players nomination) and is given to a player and/or club official whose contribution to the club both on and off the field has far exceeded those expected of his position.

Phil never pulled on the Green & Gold cap of Cammeray, but gave great service to the club in committee roles including Treasurer dating back to the early 1970s. For many years he attended matches religiously and participated as a keen scorer and supporter until poor health limited his involvement. Phil and his wife Val regularly opened their home for club meetings and functions. Phil sadly passed away in 2007 and the Committee at the time renamed the Clubman of the Year award in honour of Phil.

1975-76 Neville Millar
1976-77 Jim Nelson
1977-78 Jim Nelson
1978-79 Gary Nelson
1979-80 Neville Millar
1980-81 Fred Cahill
1981-82 Neville Millar
1982-83 Phil Bowen
1983-84 David Dickinson
1984-85 Neil Smith
1985-86 Colin Kendall
1986-87 Terry Daly
1987-88 Garry Kershaw
1988-89 Craig Williams
1989-90 Michael Notley
1990-91 Ian ‘Smokey’ Dawson
1991-92 Terry Daly
1992-93 Phil Peterson
1993-94 Michael Notley
1994-95 Sean McGettigan
1995-96 Jason Harrod
1996-97 Nick Green
1997-98 George Marcinkiewicz
1998-99 Michael Vos
1999-2000 Richard Tapner
2000-01 Stephen Si
2001-02 John Loschiavo
2002-03 David Camacho
2003-04 David Dickinson
2004-05 Stephen Si
2005-06 Bradley Cambridge
2006-07 Benn Glazier
2007-08 Paul McGrath
2008-09 Reno Post
2009-10 Andrew Smythe
2010-11 Stephen Si
2011-12 James Gallagher
2012-13 Nick Small
2013-14 Mick Taylor
2014-15 Scott Costain
2015-16 Greg Pauli
2016-17 Kinsey Cotton
2017-18 Tim Wall

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